How long will it take to receive my order?

Once the order has shipped, it will usually take between 2-3 days for delivery within the US. International shipping can take 2-3 weeks. *Please note that some countries might charge an additional import tax that we are unable to calculate or charge, therefore, we are unable to pay up front. We would recommend becoming familiar with your country’s policy before ordering. Some countries base their import tax fees on the value of individual packages. You can estimate your custom fees by visiting this website: Dutycalculator

Returns & Exchanges

How long do I have to return/exchange my purchase?

All returns and exchanges must be done within 14 days of the purchase date.  We require that all returns/exchanges be postmarked before the cutoff date to ensure your return/exchange request is processed in a timely manner.

What about sale items?

All items marked ‘Sale’ at the time of purchase are final, we will not offer returns/exchanges for these items.

How do I start a return/exchange process?

To proceed with a return or exchange, we ask that you ship the original order to us with your invoice, and any details about your request for return/exchange. Be sure to provide an email address if different from the order invoice to contact you if we have questions. If you have received a damaged or incorrect product, please contact us and we will gladly help you out.

It is important that you provide the invoice number or at least the email address you used to purchase the item, and that you include your name, shipping address, and a note with instructions. We like to think we are amazing and provide wowing customer service, but we do not have the ability to read your mind.

We cannot exchange items that are returned as unsaleable, have been washed, worn, or that emits pungent odors.

Return shipping costs?

The customer is responsible for shipping costs back to (unless the item is defective or we made an error in your shipment) and we will pay the shipping costs for the new item to be sent. This applies to all of the first exchanges in the US and Canada, shipping for any additional exchanges on the order are the customers responsibility. We suggest all customers returning items for exchange/return use USPS First-Class Parcel Service as the shipping option, as this is the most economical service provided by USPS (Returns must be below 15.9 oz for First-Class shipments).

We do not refund shipping costs for returned items, unless the item is defective.

Currently, we cannot cover the costs to re-send items on international orders.



Where do you source your garments?

We currently use Bella+Canvas for our garments, and their mission statement are on par with a similar mission as Similar to Bella+Canvas’s vision, we are determined to put the earth first and create the best printed shirts in the vegan industry! By being “different” we are taking risks, creating images that resonate with people’s favorite brands, images, and as we like to say “veganizing” the image! It’s not about quantity as Bella+Canvas puts it, its quality..and each of our shirts are quality filled by creating them in our home, one at a time with so much vegan love, its contagious! #wearawareness

Which method of printing do you use?

We use a mix of dye sublimation and screen-printing to create our shirt designs, as each of these techniques offers it’s own set of pros and cons.

Dye sublimation results in a smoother finish to the touch, as the garment threads are permanently dyed with the ink. Colors are much more easier to work with, and each sublimation print can utilize all of the colors of the spectrum in one single image.  The only drawback with sublimation prints is that the garment must be very light colored or the image will not be as vibrant.

Screen-printing is the more traditional way of printing on garments, however the ink is raised above the threads on the garment, so it is very noticeable to the touch. Images can be printed on light or dark fabric as the ink will remain on top of the garment allowing clear visibility. Colors are more limited as each color requires its own separate silk screen.

All of our graphics, artwork, and products are custom created by us, and we do not outsource our work.

Do you sell more than just Vegan Tees?

Of course, doesn’t stop at just tees, we are dedicated, enthusiastic animal activists living by our motto, #wearawarness, check out our Vegan Wears! In addition to tees, we will also carry: sweatshirts, crop tops, headbands, fanny packs, hats, and so much more! We will constantly be evolving like our planet in a path to activism, spreading vegan love and knowledge through our vegan wears!

How should I care for my shirts?

To make the print last the longest, please wash the garment inside out in cold water on the delicate cycle of your washing machine, or hand wash with cold water. Wash with like colors and hang dry (preferred method to avoid any shrinkage) or tumble dry on low. Also, be sure to never iron over the print, if necessary please turn inside out and iron around the print, or place another piece of fabric over top of the design to disperse heat absorption.

Custom Orders

If interested in custom designs, bulk quantity, event t-shirts, or whatever your vegan wears needs, feel free to reach out to us to discuss options at


How do you chose which animal organizations, sanctuaries, and/or homeless shelters to donate to?

We like to donate to organizations, sanctuaries, and homeless shelters that have aligned their values with their beliefs. We often chose shelters, sanctuaries to donate to of which we have previously volunteered, visited their location, and/or we have seen their message spread through the internet in an effort to spread awareness, and create a conscious effort of their cause.

Why animal organizations/sanctuaries?

We would love to have the finances to create our own sanctuary and save as many animals from slaughterhouses (abused/violent conditions), however our next best option is to do what were good at (design and spread awareness) through, in hopes that you can benefit from not only wearing our shirts, but knowing that you are also a part of a bigger, life-changing message..helping the planet, saving our fellow man, and the animals!

Why homeless shelters?

Living in LA, we are continuously saddened, and heart broken by the immense amount of homeless living in unfathomable, unsafe conditions.. again, we would love to have the finances alone to create a host of homeless shelters around the world…but our next best option is to ask you to help us! By purchasing our products we will donate 10% of your purchase to a local homeless shelter in need. We also take our time to visit local homeless shelters, volunteer, provide meals, and get to know these individuals that share the planet with us!