About Us

Reyna @realrawreyna and Sam launched VeganShirts.com in Fall of 2017 in their home in Los Angeles, CA.

Why spread the contagious message of veganism through shirt activism?

The definition of ‘activism’ is the policy or action of using vigorous campaigning to bring about political or social change.

We believe there are numerous methods of activism, an example being shirt activism.

Wearing our shirts and other products will not only be for comfort, style, or decoration BUT also for purpose. Our slogan being “Wear Awareness.” We have been wearing shirts that embody a vegan lifestyle for a combined 12 years, which demonstrates our inextinguishable passion towards all species. However, activists are not silent! We preach and express our values and beliefs by discussing the symbolism of our shirts, and we encourage our buyers to do the same. After all, we’re not in this game called life, alone!

Help us spread the message of veganism by sharing a photo on Instagram using the hashtag #wearawareness. By purchasing one of our products, you will be simultaneously donating to animal sanctuaries (20% of proceeds go to animal sanctuaries and homeless shelters), and become a part of a contagious, compassionate movement that is VEGANISM!


Why should you ‘Wear Awareness’?

Continuously releasing new custom designs, sweatshop-free, eco-friendly, economically savvy; just Reyna and Sam and their two ‘Bear’ hands!

What’s VeganShirts.com’s mission?

Our mission is to spread awareness, follow our values while using eco-friendly, ethically produced clothing, coupled with donating to various animal sanctuaries and homeless shelters around the world! We are always open to learning about as many organizations, sanctuaries, shelters, etc. that way we can support them and their cause (drop us a line at love@veganshirts.com if there’s a sanctuary/shelter you would love to see us provide monetary support). Thank you to anyone who believes in our mission, shirt activism, and to all species alike!

Lets #wearawareness!

Love and activism,
Sam & Reyna
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